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Contact Lenses FAQs

Close-up shot of young woman wearing contact lens for a better view. Over blue background.

Are you looking for a change this year? Ditch your eyeglasses for a pair of nearly invisible contact lenses! If you’re considering making the switch, allow us to answer some FAQs for you first:

Are contact lenses safe to wear?

Yes, contact lenses are safe and approved by the Federal Drug Administration. However, misuse or improper wearing of contact lenses can damage your eyes. For example, failure to clean them or not replacing them per your doctor’s instructions could cause issues. We recommend implementing the following tips:

  • Ask the First Look Opticians about silicone hydrogel contact lenses. They allow more oxygen to flow into your eyes, as oxygen is vital for healthy eyes!
  • Ask the First Look Opticians about rigid gas permeable contact lenses. This type of contact lenses does not cover the entire cornea, but rather 50% which allows for more oxygen flow.
  • Clean both your contact lenses and case regularly.
  • Discard and replace your lenses per your doctor’s instructions.

Can kids wear contact lenses?

Kids and adults can wear contact lenses. The main hurtle that a child must overcome is learning how to properly clean, insert, and remove the contact lenses. Once they understand this concept, wearing contact lenses becomes part of their daily routine! Contact lenses can be especially helpful if your child is an athlete, doesn’t like wearing eyeglasses, or has been diagnosed with nearsightedness.

One study found that kids as young as 8 years old demonstrated the maturity to wear and take care of contact lenses. The most common age to start wearing contact lenses is the pre-teen years, 11 – 13 years old.

Do eyeglasses and contact lenses have the same prescription?

No, if you want to have the option of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, you will need two separate prescriptions. The prescriptions are different because eyeglasses sit roughly 12 millimeters away from your eyes and contact lenses sit directly on your eye.

Are contact lenses recommended for people with eye conditions?

It depends on what eye condition you have. If you suffer from an eye condition like dry eyes or blepharitis, contact lenses may cause discomfort or make your condition worse. As always, the First Look Opticians are happy to answer your questions to determine what contact lenses or eyeglasses are best for your vision.

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