Comprehensive Eye Exams

A close up shot of a person getting their eyes checked on a machine, with an optician adjusting knobs on the machineVision Eye Group offers comprehensive eye exams designed to evaluate your complete ocular health needs. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists offer years of expertise and provide cutting-edge treatments to give you the best possible vision care.

During your comprehensive eye exam, our eye care providers will perform:

  • Cataract evaluation
  • Dilation exam
  • Glaucoma evaluation
  • High-risk Medication Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Keratoconus Evaluation
  • Macular degeneration evaluation
  • Refraction test for glasses or contacts

The team at Vision Eye Group is experienced treating patients of all ages, offering specialized eye exams for pediatric patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Exams

How often should I have an eye exam?

Eye exams are important for maintaining quality overall health. The frequency of eye exams will depend on if you suffer from other health conditions (such as heart disease and diabetes) and your current eye health. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recommends adults receive an examination by age 40, even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts. If you are over 65, the AAO recommends annual examinations.

Does my insurance cover comprehensive eye exams?

Vision Eye Group accepts most vision insurance plans. Feel free to call us at 478-744-1710 to check if your plan covers comprehensive eye exams at our office.

What tests can I expect during my exam?

During a comprehensive eye exam, our ophthalmologists will perform a variety of specialized tests to check your prescription strength, peripheral vision, pupil health, optic nerve health, and eye pressure. Our eye care providers inspect every aspect of your ocular health to create a personalized treatment plan.

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