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When is Cataract Surgery Necessary?

an older man wearing glassesCataracts are widely characterized as a clouding of the eye’s lens. Surgery is the only way to effectively remove cataracts completely, but certain lifestyle changes can help slow the development of cataracts. Discover the details of cataract surgery and how to minimize the formation of cataracts:

The Inside Scoop on Cataract Surgery

Before your surgery, you will need to follow preparatory instructions that will maximize the outcome of the procedure. Your eye doctor will give you these instructions before your appointment and answer any questions you have. When it’s time for your surgery, your doctor will numb your eyes with special drops so you don’t feel any pain. Your eye doctor will remove the cataract and replace the lens with an intraocular lens (IOL). An IOL is an artificial eye lens, and it has many benefits, such as:

  • Corrects near vision, far vision, or both with premium IOLs for those who qualify
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Mimics your natural eye lens
  • Never needs to be replaced
  • Very safe

The procedure itself is very safe and does not take long. The entire surgical process at Vision Eye Surgery Center takes around 2 hours, though the surgery itself typically lasts less than 10 minutes. We encourage you to follow the instructions given by your eye doctor to ensure optimal results.

How to Slow the Development of Cataracts

To completely remove cataracts, surgery will be necessary. However, if your cataracts are not disrupting your daily activities like driving or working, you can implement several lifestyle changes to slow the development of cataracts. Take a look at these three lifestyle changes you can implement:

Quit Smoking – Smoking has a drastically negative affect on your eye health. There is evidence that the toxins and other heavy metals accumulate in your eye’s lens, contributing to the formation of cataracts.

Wear Prescription Eyeglasses – If you’re dealing with cataracts, it’s important to wear the prescription eyeglasses recommended by your eye doctor. Inexpensive, non-prescription eyeglasses purchased at drug stores may cause eye strain and blurry vision, as they are not designed for your specific eyecare needs.

Use Polarized Sunglasses – On days where there is not a cloud in the sky to filter the sun, the bright light can cause your eyes to strain. Polarized glasses can act as a shield against the sun’s harsh glare.

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