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6 Tests Your Eye Doctor May Perform During Your Dilated Eye Exam

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After dilating your eyes, your eye doctor will perform several tests to measure the health of your inner eye. Here are six tests your friendly Vision Eye Group doctor may perform during a dilated eye exam:

1. Dilation

with the inside of your eye, such as damage to your optic nerve or leaking blood vessels, can dramatically affect your vision. During a dilated eye exam, your eye doctor will add drops to your eye to widen your pupil. This allows him or her to look for any issues inside your eye and assess your optic nerve and retina.

2. Eye Muscle Function Test

If your eye muscles begin to fail, it may result in poor eye control. The eye muscle function test will allow your eye doctor to evaluate the strength of your eye muscles. He or she can determine this by asking you to follow an object with your eyes.

3. Pupil Response Test

Your pupil will naturally respond to light and darkness by constricting or expanding. During a pupil response test, your eye doctor will shine light in your eye to see how your pupil reacts.

4. Tonometry Test

Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure on the optic nerve. Because glaucoma rarely shows symptoms in its early stages, it is vital to have a tonometry test to measure the intraocular pressure in your eye. If it is at dangerous levels, your eye doctor will discuss options to preserve your remaining vision and stop the damage to your optic nerve.

5. Visual Acuity Test

One of your earliest memories at the eye doctor may be reading letters off a chart. During that visual acuity test, your eye doctor is seeing how clearly you can read those letters both near and far away.

6. Visual Field Test

Did you know that you can develop blind spots in your peripheral vision? During your visual field test, your eye doctor will run a test to determine how well you can see from your side vision or if any blind spots have developed.

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